We're hiring software developers & digital marketers in Goa

About Us

We're trying to change how travel operators market their products & services by building powerful, yet easy-to-use, technology tools for them. We're building the Magento for online travel. And we're doing this out of a bungalow-office in Goa.

From building booking systems to marketing itineraries & destinations using digital channels -- we help our clients fast-forward into the world of online travel. We believe it's the future.

We're looking for web developers to join our team and help us accelerate our product development.

Notice, that we said "web developers", not PHP programmers, Pythonistas, or Ruby rockstars. We need people who are not religious about their preferred programming language and understand that technology exists to solve real-life problems. We're always open to picking up a new language / framework if it would produce a more elegant / maintainable / efficient solution.

Did we mention that currently we're bootstrapped and proud of it? This means that every now & then, we do some really interesting work outside of our core product as well.

About our tech stack

  • We open source technologies
  • Ruby on Rails 3
  • Postgres
  • AngularJS for most of the admin-side UI
  • LessCSS & Bootstrap
  • Git for version control
  • Redis for caching
  • Considering migrating the entire stack to the JVM, to be able to use Clojure + JRuby

What about fun?

  • We have a drum kit and a couple of guitars in our office and we jam regularly. If you can code AND sing (or play bass) -- you're definitely getting a leg-up!
  • We also host hackathons like this one which resulted in this.
  • We're experimenting with cycling to office
  • Lunch-time is YouTube time with TED videos & stand-up comedies
  • You can practice gardening in our backyard, we haven't figured it out yet. Although a papaya tree seems to have caught on the self-learner attitude and is fruiting already.
  • We're based in Goa

Current job openings

Software Developer

Roles & responsibilities:

You will be an integral part of the team building out the Vacation Labs travel platform. You will be expected to (independently) develop & deliver various features in the product, fix bugs, respond to the occassional customer complaint / request, help in keeping the app up & running in production, and make tea once in a while!

You will also have the opportunity to dabble in UI design, if that tickles your fancy.

You will need to continuously learn new stuff to be able to build an awesome product. Did we mention that we'll need to build out our mobile app, mobile site, & desktop client very soon?

PS: You may have to do similar stuff for our client projects, as well. Though not necessarily at the same time.

About you:

  • At least 1 year experience with full-stack web development in any web framework/language. Ruby on Rails is a definite plus.
  • Ability to learn new technologies. Self-learner who can get stuff done after spending a bunch of time with tutorials & API docs. No spoon-feeding.
  • Passionate about writing good, clean code that humans can understand and computers can execute
  • Bonus points for experience with AngularJS

Salary: Competitive & directly linked to the outcomes you can deliver

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Software Apprentice (Internship)

About the apprenticeship: This is a 3-4 month rigorous programme where the first month will be unpaid. You will be expected to come to office every day and read books related to software development, which will be assigned by your mentor. You will be expected to solve all practice problems on your own, with some guidance from your mentor, but no spoon feeding.

You will get a small stipend from the second month onwards. You will start learning Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, & CSS, by reading books, tutorials, & API docs. Guidance will be provided by your mentor, but, again, no spoonfeeding.

In the fourth month, you will be expected to deliver a project / module independetly (or the third month, if you learn really quickly).

Based on your performance during the apprenticeship, you may be offered a permanent job as a Software Developer at a competitive salary.

Warning: The software apprenticeship is not for the faint hearted. If you don't like programming you won't last in this program (pun intended). Expect to put in long hours and push yourself up an extremely steep learning curve. The payoff will be your newly acquired ability to break down problems into smaller units, to assemble them into well-structured programs – a skill that will last you throughout your software development career, irrespective of the latest hotness in technology.

About you:

  • Freshly out of college or less then 1 year of relevant web-development experience.
  • Passionate about software development.
  • Attitude to get things done.
  • Willingness to learn the hard way of doing things right.

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Digital Marketing Project – 3 Months

About the project:

We are looking for a freelance digital marketer willing to work out of our bungalow-office in Goa for the duration of the project (3 months). You will be responsible for marketing travel products (tours, itineraries, destinations & activities) using various online channels, like search engines, Facebook ads, display ads, email marketing, etc.

Please note, the tenative timeline for this project is from November, 2013 to January, 2014

Why you should take this up?

If, like us, you have that entrepreneurship bug and you love to be challenged, to learn & to experiment (and all these should automatically be true if you are a serious true-blood freelancer), you have a perfect opportunity with this project. Managing budget of over US$ 45,000, handling campaigns for different geographies (globally) and understanding the nuts & bolts of the travel industry should definitely sound appealing to the entrepreneur in you!

And you get to work out of Goa (accommodation included) during the peak holiday season!

About you:

  • 1 - 2 years of experience in search engine marketing (Google AdWords certification is a plus), SEO and social media advertising.
  • Experience in bid management and PPC optimization along with fluency in analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Above all, a self starter and an analytical mind with the ability to get stuff done
  • Bonus points if you are an avid travel blogger!

Renumeration: Competitive & directly linked to the outcomes you can deliver

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Business Apprentice

About the apprenticeship:

This is a 3-4 month program designed to give you a flavor of doing business in the real world. You will be part our business development team and will be involved in all our marketing & BD activities.

During the course of this apprenticeship, you will be expected to learn & execute our digital marketing strategies, write copies for our website & emails, design & implement landing pages (yes, you might need to pick up a bit of coding!), do direct sales, meet & cold call prospects, do some client support, carry out in-depth market research, close strategic tie ups, scout for potential clients & distributors. And the list goes on! In short, you will be involved in any activity that fuels our growth engine. So you might as well call this a "growth hacking" apprenticeship if that is what you fancy.

The learning will be steep and hours will be long. No wonder we like to call this a trial-by-fire apprenticeship. But payoffs will be immense. Apart from a small (yet sustainable) stipend and free accommodation (if you need one) in our bunglow office, you will be an active part of a tech startup slogging it out for growth. You will have to learn new technologies, pick up new skills and do an infinite amount of online & offline research. But the future you (one who manages to cross the line) will bless us! The experience & learning would be something that will stick around with you for the rest of your career.

Also, based on your performance, you may be offered a permanent role at a competitive salary.

About you:

We are not looking for specialist digital marketer or a seasoned copy writer or a champion sales person. We want smart individuals who are self starters, have an immense appetite for learning & an attitude to get things done. Bonus points if you have programming skills (esp. web) & a design sense, but not a must.

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